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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Learn About Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage Massage relieves swelling by gently manipulating specific areas of the body to help lymph that is casing swelling move to an area with working lymph vessels to aid drainage of the fluid. It can be used to relieve painful swelling in your arms and legs caused by lymphedema.

This form of massage has been shown to help improve symptoms from Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic venous insufficiency and Lipoedema.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes- Osteopaths use an array of different techniques so they can adapt their treatment for all ages and abilities.

Your practitioner will start by taking a thorough case history and they will then move onto an examination. The combination of findings from the case history and examination will allow your practitioner to formulate a working diagnosis and treat you appropriately. That treatment plan may include a referral for further investigation. If you do not require urgent referral and treatment is appropriate at this stage you will also receive treatment at this appointment.

Wear something comfortable to your appointment, we recommend clothing you can freely move in, for example shorts and a vest top. We can advise further at your first appointment if necessary.

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