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Sports Injuries are caused by a form of damage to a body part through sports, exercise or athletic activities. This type of injury is common amongst varying age ranges. These type of injuries are caused be either repetitive trauma or something called an acute onset which is usually caused by something such as a fall or twist leading to an immediate sensation of pain.

Here at Back in Balance we aid recovery from these types of injuries and advise ways to prevent them happening again though things such as using a strength program to aid long term results or using a changing of form or technique to further prevent injury.

Kinesio tape or K-Tape is also a useful tool we can use to help stabilise a joint, improve circulation to facilitate tissue healing or aid overused muscles to improve the rehabilitation process. K-Tape is a great alternative to aid recovery when the use of a joint support is too extreme for the presenting injury. The tape allows you to use the affected area in a more natural way not limiting the range of movement available.

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Yes- Osteopaths use an array of different techniques so they can adapt their treatment for all ages and abilities.

The number of appointments required will vary from person to person and is dependent on many different factors such as how long you have had the issue, the severity of the issue, how well you follow at home advice and your age. Typically most people require between 2 and 6 visits.

Yes- However, we do advise you check with your private medical insurance prior to your appointment. If you are still unsure please contact us and we can help advise further. Please make us aware at time of booking that you wish to use your medical insurance.

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